Arriving to competition

From this site you'll find information about stabling, parking, accreditation and show office


  • GPS: 60.48276, 23.19057
  • Map of Ypäjä Equine College and Training Center Area
  • An updated list of horses stabling will be published here LINK
  • A list of horse ID numbers (competition numbers) will be published here.
  • Stable is open daily (Fri-Sun) 06:00 – 22:00, (changes are possible according to the schedule of the competition)  accredited person only.
  • It’s possible to buy hay from the stables, 12€/bal (approx. 15-20kg/bal), payment only by cash to the stable personnel.
  • There are tack rooms available at the stable and it’s advisable to use them so that the horses have free access to the corridors.
  • There will be assigned places for the rider’s own freezes at the stable. It’s forbidden to place a freezer or other electrical devices anywhere else due to fire safety!
  • Horses shall be marked with their ID numbers (identification number) when they are outside of the stables after Wednesday 22th March 17:00. Horses’ ID numbers will be published on this site and stables notice board.
  • If your own treating veterinarian is coming to Ypäjä, please inform him/her that an informal vet meeting will take place on Wednesday evening after the vet check in the warm-up arena. The vets arriving later can notify delegates of their presence in the competition by phone.
  • Vet delegate:
  • Please check your horse’s temperature immediately after arrival; stable personnel will record the temperature. Please continue to check the temperature daily. Recording the horse’s temperature is mandatory in all FEI events, and it is done for the benefit of the horses.


  • Entry right to the stable is given according to the FEI rules.
  • Rider 1
  • Partner 1
  • Groom 1
  • Horse Owner 2
  • Accreditation starts at the show office on  Wednesday at 10:00. The riders sign the accreditations for the persons accompanying them. We’re going to use wristbands.
  • Coaches can also sign their wristbands at the show office.
  • In connection with accreditation show your horse’s vaccinations at the show office


  • Parking of the lorries and trailers is located 100-500m from the stables. Stable personnel will guide you to find the right parking place.
  • You can reserve electricity in advance;

Show office  

  • show office is located in Opistohall, open daily, Wed 10:00 – 20:00, Thu – Sun 1h before the first competition – 1h after the last prize giving.
  • riders get their results from the show office


  • in connection with the show office

Competition Area