International cooperation

International cooperation is a part of the daily life in the College.

There are several top trainers and teachers like Markus Scharmann, Richard White, Mike Kohlschmidt and Bert Romp.

Ypäjä Equine College organizes yearly an international competition “Finnderby” (show jumping, dressage and eventing) and other competitions and seminars. The students attend these happenings in various duties as organizers and they also compete on national level. More than half of the students do at least a part of their practical training abroad.


The Equine College is representing the Finnish Equestrian Federation in the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications.

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The College is also an active part of the Equestrian Educational Network with eight other educational centers in Europe. The members are Deutsche Reitschule Wahrendorf, L’Ecole Nationale d’Équitation Saumur, Flyinge, Hartpury College, Helicon NHB Deurne, Norsk Hestesenter, Strömsholm, Escola Nacional de Equitacao.

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The European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA) gives the title Euro-farrier to those, who have achieved the qualification in Finland.

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Since 2011 the Equine College has been a member of the European State Studs´Association.

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International projects:

Exchange of Skills, Knowledge and Opportunities (ESKO), EEN

The aim of the project is to develop and stabilize a high quality model of organizing working placements and exchanges for equestrian students in Europe. The model is also promoting the international employment and mobility of employees and professionals on equestrian branch in Europe, as well as the use of Europass.

The actions in the project are exchanges of teachers, specialists and students between the partner schools. This cooperation also promotes the exchange of knowledge and best practices between the schools, and rises the standard of education in the countries.

Developing the vocational equestrian education in Poland
Operational Programme Human Capital

The aim of the project is to analyze European experience in vocational education, in specialties equal to the Polish horse breeder technicians. A further aim is to adapt the selected solutions to fit in the conditions and needs of the Mazovian Province in Poland.

The partners of the project are the Polish Equestrian Federation, Warendorf (German Equestrian Federation) and Ypäjä Equine College (National Equestrian Center)