Gillians Higgins - Soveltavan biomekaniikan kurssi

Ainutlaatuisella tavalla, luuston ja lihakset karvaan maalaten, hevosen biomekaniikkaa, anatomiaa ja fysiologiaa esittelevä Gillian Higgins saapuu Suomeen ja Ypäjälle toukokuussa.


Ainutlaatuisella metodilla hevosen fysiologiaa ja anatomiaa opettava Gillian Higgins tulee Ypäjän Hevosopistolle. Gillian vierali edellisen kerran Suomessa syksyllä 2013. Tilaisuus Hevosopistolla tuolloin oli loppuunmyyty!

Gillian Higgins - Soveltavan biomekaniikan kurssi 22.5.2017

Yhden päivän kurssi on suunnattu eläinlääkäreille, hevoshierojille ja muille hevosen hyvinvoinnista tavoitteellisesti vastaaville henkilöille. Elävän esittämismuotonsa vuoksi kurssi soveltuu ammattilaisten lisäksi kaikille, jotka haluavat ymmärtää hevosen fysiologiaa ja anatomiaa syvemmin.

Kurssipäivä koostuu teorialuennosta, demonstraatioista ja keskusteluista. Kurssihinta on 81€ (+ Ticketmasterin kulu)
Kurssipäivä alkaa noin klo 10.00 ja päättyy noin klo 16.30.

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Jatkokurssina tälle järjestämme Gillian Higgins biomechancis-kurssin;

Gillian Higginsin kaksipäiväinen Biomechanics-kurssi 24.- 25.5.2017

Take a Practical look at Applied Biomechanics, Movement, Posture, Skeletal Maturity, Training, Dressage, Jumping, Position, Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Saddle-fit, Assessment and Asymmetry.

This course will look at practical aspects of applied biomechanics and anatomical principles of movement related to the horse. It will take an in depth look at the structure and function of the equine body and relate it to way of going. The course is illustrated with wonderful slow motion video of painted horses showing exactly what is happening under the skin. There will be plenty of discussion and hands on participation. The course is a mix of theory and practical observation.


Biomechanics-kurssille otetaan max. 40 osallistujaa ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä.
Kurssin hinta on 340€, sisältäen opetuksen, kahvitukset ja lounaan molempina päivinä.

Biomechanics kurssi on täyteen varattu! Ilmoittaudu mahdollisille peruutuspaikoille: kurssihteeri a hevosopisto.fi

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Gillian Higgins

Gillian Higgins
Gillian is professional Sports and Remedial Therapist, specialising in assessing and mobilising muscles, improving performance and educating horse owners. She is also an anatomist, biomechanist, BHS Senior Coach, Stable Manager and Author.

With a bubbly, engaging presentation style, a passion for anatomy and biomechanics and with the welfare and comfort of the horse in mind, she gives lectures all over the world to anyone keen to ride or train sensitively. She has given demonstrations at the Global Dressage Forum in Holland, the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, the World Arab, Horse Organisation in Qatar as well as at the Horse University in Brazil, the horse Expo in South Africa as well as many European countries.

Gillian has written several popular books and DVDs. There are more in the pipeline. She writes regularly for magazines including British Dressage, Horse and Rider, Eventing World Wide and Your horse Magazine.

Gillian has a First Class Honours Degree and Human and Equine Remedial Sports Massage qualifications. She is also a McTimoney-Corley Animal Manipulator. Gillian regularly attends courses in all her fields of interest and is committed to giving both humans and equines the best possible levels of care and consideration. She works closely with Vets and regularly attends veterinary seminars and conferences. Gillian has represented the BHS in Sweden as part of the Leonardo Exchange programme designed to share knowledge with our European Counterparts. This has given her valuable insight into alternative methods of training and treatments, the best of which she incorporates into her own practices.

On a more personal note, Gillian competes at British Eventing from pre –novice to Advanced level, BD, BSJA and Team Chasing. She has represented Great Britain at the Student Rider’s Nations Cup in Austria 2004 and Canada 2006 where she achieved Individual Gold for dressage.