Ypäjä Equine College

Ypäjä Equine College is the leading center of vocational education, training and equestrian competitions in Finland. The tradition of education started in the 1930’s with the National Stud and the Cavalry School.

The college is working in close connection with the National Equine Research Center (LUKE) placed in the same premises. The other important co-operative local partners are Ypäjä Horse Clinics, the Finnish Equestrian Museum and the National Equine Competence Association of Finland.

The College is owned by national and local organizations: the Ministry of Education, The Finnish Equestrian Federation, Suomen Hippos (Finnish trotting and breeding organization) and municipalities Ypäjä, Forssa and Jokioinen. The Equine College is the center of training of the national equestrian teams.

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Ypäjän Hevosopisto
Opistontie 9
32100 YPÄJÄ
puh. +358 2 76 021
fax +358 2 7602 200